Sunday, January 16, 2011

"The Green Hornet" Starring Cameron Diaz and Oscar winner Christoph Waltz - - Topped Box Office Yet Again With Grosses an Estimated $34 Million

"The Green Hornet" has come out as a new champion during another low weekend. The movie grosses an estimated $34 million, and despite the not-spectacular number, it manages to nab the second-best opening ever for the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday.

The superhero flick from Michel Gondry entertains audience with special effects. However, reviewers pan the project as lackluster although it has all-star cast that includes Cameron Diaz and Oscar winner Christoph Waltz.

Also debuting lame this week is "The Dilemma". The comedy rakes in an estimated $17.4 million during the weekend for a four-day total at $20.7 million, which is far lower than the usual opening for a Vince Vaughn or Kevin James comedy. Still, the number leads the Ron Howard-directed movie score the runner-up position at the chart.

Last week's winner "True Grit" now sits on the third place with an estimated $11.2 million, suffering a modest decline of 23.3%. "The King's Speech" makes a leap from number nine to four with an approximately $9.1 million cume, followed by "Black Swan" which has a steady weekend on the fifth place. The supernatural thriller starring Natalie Portman adds an estimated $8.1 million haul.

Top Ten Movies at Box Office for January 14-16:

1. "The Green Hornet" - $34 million
2. "The Dilemma" - $17.4 million
3. "True Grit" - $11.2 million
4. "The King's Speech" - $9.1 million
5. "Black Swan" - $8.1 million
6. "Little Fockers" - $7.2 million
7. "Tron Legacy" - $5.7 million
8. "Yogi Bear" - $5.3 million
9. "The Fighter" - $5.1 million
10. "Season of the Witch" - $4.5 million

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