Friday, January 21, 2011

Grand Prix Race Chair and Desk by PitStop Furniture - - Sure to Set the Hearts of Grand Prix Enthusiasts

There have been earlier instances of watches inspired by racing cars. However, it isn’t often that one encounters a workstation inspired by the Grand Prix. It may be a tad oxymoronic to imagine sitting for hours at a desk that has been inspired by racing cars. Nevertheless, the new Grand Prix Race Chair and Desk by PitStop Furniture is sure to set the hearts of Grand Prix enthusiasts racing. Here’s furniture flaunting components that are more commonly fitted into racing cars. You have racing spoilers, tower strut bars and more making their appearance here.

Designed with business professionals in mind, the Grand Prix Race Chair and Desk is not just a gimmick piece. On the contrary, this piece of furniture by PitStop furniture is high on functionality. The bucket seat chair is well-built and ergonomically designed. Plus, there is an aluminium shifter knob, coil-over spring suspension and brake calliper. One of the USPs of the chair is the height-adjustable armrest that is made of embossed high performance tire tread.

The 58-inch by 27-inch desk is spacious and has a workable glass top. The desk has a racing spoiler with a glass shelf. There are also braided hoses made of stainless steel for tension control. Bought as a set, the Grand Prix Race Chair and Desk costs $849. However, the desk and the chair can be purchased separately as well, for $499.99 and $399.99 respectively. Available in three colours, red, black and silver, the Grand Prix Race Chair and Desk comes with lifetime warranty from Intro-Tech Automotive Incorporated.

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