Saturday, January 15, 2011

'Fridge Ionizer & Ozonator' from Chinavasion - - Quietly Generates Ions and Ozone to Counteract Mold, Mildew And Bacterial Growth

This Fridge Ionizer & Ozonator hums away quietly in your refrigerator killing all those nasty little bugs which degrade your foodstuffs. The result should be longer lasting produce and a happier, healthier family. Right? It’s battery powered and small enough to sit on a door shelf doing its duty. You’ll need to buy four for $49.15 to get them shipped, so gather up some friends.

 This unit quietly generates ions and ozone to counteract mold, mildew and bacterial growth for better air quality inside your refrigerator. The result is less odors and improved food quality. In addition, your fruits, vegetables and leftovers stay fresher and last longer. Compact and attractive, it has a built-in microprocessor to intelligently control the operation cycle in one easy touch.

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