Thursday, January 27, 2011

FRANCK MULLER JACKET: The All New iPhone 4G Case From Franck Muller - - Superb Culmination of Design And Creativity Created

One of the leading watch designers in the world, Franck Muller, who is also the recipient of the 2002 Geneve Watch Making Grand Prix award, has now come with a stunning new product, that though is worlds apart from his expert field of horology, yet in its own unique way, the all new iPhone 4G case from Franck Muller, creates a superb culmination of design and creativity. This incredibly gorgeous iPhone 4G case called, FRANCK MULLER JACKET, will be comprised of  an iPhone 4G, supplied by the Japanese telecommunications behemoth SoftBank and the case itself.

The all new gorgeous iPhone 4G case will be launched in Japan under a licensed agreement between Softbank BB Corporation and Franck Muller. SoftBank has stated that, the company will be producing 6 models of the iPhone 4G cases and each of the models will come in a limited edition with only 500 pieces per model. The entire case is made of acrylic and even if the users do not wish to use the case for its intended purpose, then this incredibly beautiful case can be used as a decorative piece of art. The all new FRANCK MULLER JACKET, iPhone 4G case will be available from the month of April this year and will come with a price tag of a whopping $1,270.

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