Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Fling Joystick From Ten One Design - - A Physical Joystick to Maximize The Gaming Experience on Your iPad

What’s the fun in playing a video game with a virtual joystick? That’s a question asked by many tablet owners out there. I know I’ve refrained from playing many joystick-enabled games on my iPad for this very reason. Thankfully companies out there like Ten One Design are looking out for us. They’ve just announced their new Fling joystick.

This little device uses the same sort of clever hack as putting conductive thread on the tip of your glove to make a touchscreen work. Of course, a joystick takes a little bit more thought. The stick itself is made from a similarly conductive material to ensure that your thumb movements get registered properly. What sort of magic keeps it in place? A simple pair of suction cups. This flexible design means that not only is it going to work with your iPad (which is the audience the company is targeting), but also pretty much any other tablet on the market. At $25 (or $40 for a pair), I’d say this is a brilliant purchase.

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