Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Chameleon X1: 3-in-1 Device With Remote Control, Mouse, And Video Game Controller

If anyone were to ever ask me what my favorite activity would be, I would have to say multitasking. Things get done very quickly and there’s more time to play video games and watch TV. If you like doing both of those things, and are a fan of the Internet, you will absolutely love this mouse.

The Chameleon X1 is a presentation remote control, mouse, and video game controller. The gamepad that’s built into the bottom has a 5 stage adjustable 1600 dpi optical sensor, 125 Hz polling rate, and connects to your laptop or desktop via a USB wireless adapter. It’s likely not a good WoW mouse, but for other more simple games it could be very useful. At only $60, this is worth every penny, seeing as you’re getting three gadgets for the price of one.

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