Friday, January 28, 2011

Baldacchino Suprem: World's Most Expensive Bed Costing About $6.3 Million - - Designed by The Team of Stuart Hughes and HEBANON

There are plenty of king-sized beds in the market, but rare is the bed that makes you feel like royalty. You will get the occasional mattress that is so luxurious you never want to get out of bed. Will it make you feel like a king or queen? Doubtful. However, those seeking a truly king-like experience are in for a treat. Liverpool’s Stuart Hughes has collaborated with HEBANON by Fratelli Basile Interiors of Nocera Superiore to present the most exclusive bed ever, the Baldacchino Supreme.

The Baldacchino Supreme certainly has a royal feel about it. Why wouldn’t it? 107kg of 24-karat gold went into its making. The bed and canopy has been lacquered, patinated and sponge batted using this ridiculous quantity of gold. You will find intricate gold leaf detail and the headboard is a work of art.

Chestnut wood forms the main structure, ash wood is used for the curving and cherrywood forms the edges of the canopy. For the fabric, Stuart Hughes and HEBANON zeroed in on Italian silk and cotton with no burn certification. Moreover, buyers can customize the fabric and the decorations.

The Baldacchino Supreme is one of those rare specimens that brings royalty within everyone’s grasp. Did I say “everyone”? I meant all those people who can afford to shell out £4 million (about $6.3 million) for a bed. Yes, that is how much this beauty of a bed costs. Moreover, it is a highly limited edition. Stuart Hughes has announced that only two Baldaccio Supremes will be made.

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