Friday, December 24, 2010

'XOOM' Might Be The Name of Upcoming Motorola 4G LTE Tablet

After the news that Motorola has applied for trademark on ‘XOOM’ in the US, Canada, Europe, Asian markets that include Taiwan and even New Zealand. It is predominantly being assumed that anxiously-awaited Motorola 4G LTE tablet with Honeycomb will get this unique name, ‘XOOM’.

It is not definite news, but experts chasing Motorola fanatically feel that the company have huge hopes associated with the Android 3.0-based tablet and they are set to market it in a great fashion. All signs pointing towards an exciting time both for Motorola and more importantly Android fanatics!

Few days back Motorola created a buzz by the release of teaser ad to promote their upcoming Motorola 4G LTE tablet without disclosing too much about the product.

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