Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Vega Xpress: New Android Smartphone from Korean Company Pantech - - DDR2 Technology Will Start a New Era in The Smartphones market

Pantech - ranks as the No. 3 maker of mobile phones in Korea, launched a new smartphone, dubbed as Vega Xpress, and claimed that the PC market will have to run hard for their money

The most distinguished attribute of the released smartphone, Vega Xpress, is its addition of a DDR2 memory chip, which is commonly found in PCs but seldom in smartphones. The inclusion of DDR2 technology powers the Vega Xpress processing speeds equal to those of desktop and laptop computers, implying users can surf the Web, play games and use applications from their smartphones just as they would on a PC.

Furthermore, Pantech claimed the speed of the device is about 1.5 times faster than its current competitors in the market. The company looking forward to the new device, which features an Android operating system, will be pioneer of an era where smartphones can compete effectively with PCs.   

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