Thursday, December 16, 2010

‘Ultimo Diamond Back Miracle Bra’ By a Team of Michelle Mone and Grant Macintyre - - The Most Expensive Bra With a Price Tag of £800,000!

Ultimo, the UK's Lingerie brand has brought out the most expensive bra in the UK. Called the ‘Ultimo Diamond Back Miracle Bra’, it managed to reach the most expensive slot by being priced at a huge £800,000! The reason for such a heavy price tag? It is the bra’s backstrap, which is made of 32 brilliant-cut, white 1 carat diamonds that shot its price. It is the result of a collaboration between Ultimo Creator Michelle Mone OBE who designed it and esteemed jeweler Grant Macintyre.

Michelle Mone said: “What girl doesn’t want to be draped in diamonds from head to toe? We designed this bra as the perfect gift for girls who love diamonds. What makes it so unique and sexy, is that the diamonds grace the lower back, one of the most sensual parts of a woman’s body. Also, if you have £800,000 worth of diamonds on your body, why keep them under wraps! This bra cleverly allows you to show them off, revealing just the right amount of skin.”

We agree on that one. It is its subtlety that makes it all the more sexy. If you cant afford a £800,000, then worry not. Ultimo has also created a copy of this bra, which will be available at Debenhams for just £35.00.

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