Wednesday, December 29, 2010

R/C Jumping Kart: Pretty Cool and Funny Stuff for Your Kids - - Enjoy Video Presentation

How many of you have owned an R/C car in their lives? How about a remote controlled helicopter? I’m sure that some of you have owned both. But what about a toy that functioned as both a car and a helicopter? I bet not many of you can say yes to that one.

This R/C Jumping Kart may not be the biggest or fanciest toy you’ve ever seen, however, it is still pretty cool nonetheless. I can imagine the hours of fun you could have with this little guy. From trying to run obstacle courses, to really annoying your cat. On second thought, don’t try that last one. This car will set you back $124, which will make you very upset when your cat catches it mid-air and brings it crashing down.

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