Thursday, December 23, 2010

Poco Pro: Credit Card Sized Digital Camera - - World's Smallest With Maximum Resolution of 14 Megapixels and Supports Video Recording in 1080p

Yesterday, December 22, Iain Sinclair showed that it can be considered the smallest digital camera ever made. Approaching the size of a credit card to Poco Pro surprised by the maximum resolution of 14 megapixels and supports video recording in 1080p.

According to the manufacturer, the camera is ideal for those looking for a compact with great sensitivity to light. Among the resources available is the ultra fast autofocus, the Super Macro (close to capturing the details), image stabilization and face recognition.

In addition, the unit includes some typical controls DSLR equipment such as manual control of focusing and adjusting the lens opening. To ensure the brightness of images, Poco Pro comes with two LED flash.

The Poco Pro is also capable of performing the recording and playing videos and music. For this, it has two microphone inputs and lateral 3.5 mm headphones. All in a compact body made completely of aluminum with textures that bring more security when holding the device – the total weight is only 65 grams.

The camera’s launch is scheduled for June 2011 at a suggested price of $ 300.

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