Tuesday, December 28, 2010

"E-Bike Summer Life": A New Attarction in The Line of Zero-emission Bicycle - - Features Six Lithium Batteries, Onboard Computer and GPS System

Eco-conscious designer Juliano Bortolin aims to make zero emission bicycle transport more attractive for people who respect the environment and its resources with a new concept electric bike dubbed the E-Bike Summer Life. Designed for people who love surfing, nature and outdoor life, the E-bike features six lithium batteries that help propel the bike.

The electric batteries are stored in the front frame, which power the bike’s rear wheel. With great weight distribution, the electric bike offers a comfortable way to travel. The fluid form structure of the E-Bike is made from recycled aluminum that can be customized with different colors and devices, like a surfboard holder or bag racks.

The E-bike also features an onboard computer, which can help control the speed of the bike, measures the distance traveled. Moreover, the E-Bike will also include a GPS system and an iPhone holder.


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