Thursday, December 30, 2010

Book Rest Lamp by Suck UK - - Design And Function Wrapped up in An Elegant But Childish Way

It’s nice to sit in bed all snuggled up with a good book. Something that is entirely annoying is whenever you have to get up, for any reason at all, you lose track of the page you’re on. Or the book magically closes itself entirely in your absence. The Book Rest Lamp put out by hilariously named Suck UK has both design and function wrapped up in an elegant, yet childish way.

A frosted glass geometric frame contains the light source, which makes your reading experience an enjoyable one. It’s top is the perfect shape to hold a book open at whatever page you may be at, and it makes a house! Though when you’re near the very end or very beginning of your book it will be kind of hard to use, as the weight distribution will be off. In any case, this $53 lamp will do its duty, for one or both functions.

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