Thursday, November 11, 2010

Solar-powered Oasis Designed by Aloe Design - - Aims to Provide Travelers a Few Moments of Rest

Designed by Aloe Design, the Oasis is a livability and comfort halt that offer a pleasant stay while we recover from the trip or we prepare to undertake it. The system consists of modules made from cement that have attached roof supporting structure made of artificial fibers, which is a result of discarded materials. The roof is a impact-resistant polycarbonate dome-like structure that incorporates spherical solar cells, forming a solar panel that provides both solar energy and shade.

The solar energy generated by the solar panel is stored in a battery, which illuminates LED lighting with green energy at night. As vital as simple, its silhouette is a symbol of hope and encouragement given to travelers caught in the arid landscape. This aesthetically appealing green oasis offers the voyagers a few moments of rest in a peaceful environment.

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