Monday, November 8, 2010

Roadsweeper Desk Vac - - Cute Little Bit of Tattle to Keep Your Desktop Clean And Tidy

This Roadsweeper Desk Vac is a cute little bit of tattle to keep your desktop clean and tidy. To be honest we’ve always been a bit suspicious of any bod who would seriously vacuum their work surroundings voluntarily. C’mon, offices are designed to be silos of trashy slag, where germs and yoghurt coated crumbs cavort together in elegant symmetry, thereby affording you the perfect excuse for those regular ’sickies’ on game day. £11.99.

According to ‘statistics’ the average work desk contains more bacteria, dust and generally icky stuff than the average toilet seat. Yuck. Your desk at work probably has more than its fair share of sandwich crumbs and fluff so this tiny (but industrious) Roadsweeper Desk Vac is all you need to suck up all those bits of flotsam and jetsam, leaving your work station gleaming.

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