Friday, November 12, 2010

Personal Soup Chef: Does It All in One Stroke - - A Digital Assitance in Your Kitchen

This Personal Soup Chef does it all in one stroke. Chuck in some vegetables, seasoning and water, with your choice of stock base and/or meats and set the thing going. It’ll chop the veggies, heat it all up and deliver a delicious broth to your tongue quicker than you can say minestrone. Or something. The concept is similar to the awesome Vita-Mix machine, but without the ice cream, shake, or smoothie making, but at $149.95 it’s a lot less money too.

A digital timer can be set up to 24 hours in advance to automatically start the cooking process and the device automatically maintains the set temperature from 104º F to 248º F to simmer or rapidly boil the contents. A removable basket keeps herbs, meat, or stock bones immersed in the soup as it cooks yet enables you to easily strain them from the finished dish. The lid opens without stopping the cooking process for adding seasoning as the soup simmers.

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