Wednesday, November 10, 2010

ModulR Shoulder Strap: Lets You Carry Your iPad Around Easily - - Features an Adjustable Strap And Profiled Pressure Clips

Some of our readers will remember the ModulR iPad case and accessory range that we reviewed a while back, it is basically an iPad case with a range of different accessories that lets you use your iPad in a number of different ways.

The guys over at ModulR have just released a new accessory for the range, the ModulR Shoulder Strap, that lets you carry your iPad around easily.

The modulR Shoulder Strap features an adjustable strap and profiled pressure clips that securely attach to the modulR iPad Case. “Whether your iPad has become an indispensable sales tool, or you just want something to grab and go, the modulR Shoulder Strap gives you the freedom to use the iPad without the fear of losing or damaging the device,” said Beatty.

The ModulR shoulder strap is available for $14.99 from  ModulR, there is also a new hand strap available as well.

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