Tuesday, November 9, 2010

“Letterbox House” - - Designed by Australian firm Mcbride Charles Eyan (Robert Mcbride, Debbie Ryan) - - New Eco-Friendly Concept is All About Wood

The “Letterbox House” is all about wood. Designed by Australian firm Mcbride Charles Eyan (Robert Mcbride, Debbie Ryan), this unique dwelling sports features a sculpturally formed facade that looks as if morphed out from a small letterbox, and at the same time appears to have been carved away from other perspectives. Situated in a modest beach suburb of Blairgowrie, Australia, the house is designed to offer a memorable beach holiday experience with mesmerizing view of the clear water, blue sky and the exotic sunset.

The wall clad with panels of multi-coloured wood dynamically changes and grows in shapes and scale. The house features a decent deck on the southwest side, timber flooring and bright red spinal interior structure, running along the length of the house with shelving opportunities throughout. The raked timber wall that stretches from the letterbox to become the westerly verandah harmonizes very well with the rest of the house that appears like a simple modernist expression similar to many of the houses of the region. The Letterbox House is one of the shortlisted entries at this year’s world architecture festival for the completed house category.

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Lena Krieger said...

When nature comes through the walls, invites the family to relax. Outdoor and indoor have no frontiers!

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