Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Kingston V100 SSD Drives - - New Addition to The Vast Range of Kingston SSD Range

Kingston has just released a new SSD drive to their range brings large storage capacities to the consumer market. Priced at $499 the Kingston 256GB V100 SSD is still not cheap compared with HDD but the storage increase may attract users to swap to SSD’s.

Kingston has also added a 65GB and 128GB version of the drive. All have TRIM support for Windows 7 and come with optimized controller and NAND flash to increase the performance and extend the SSD life.

The drives come complete with cloning software to help transfer your OS to the new drive together with a 2.5-inch enclosure  to convert the old drive into external drive, which is a nice touch and brackets for mounting the SSD drive into your PC.
The new Kingston  V100 SSD drives are available in a 64GB bundle for $129.99, a 128GB bundle for $234.95, and the 256GB for $499.99.

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