Monday, November 15, 2010

HD Multimedia Player: Literally Flash Drive Sized - - Pretty Solid and Impressive Specifications Even Touted to be The World's Smallest

This flash drive sized HD Multimedia Player is being touted as the world’s smallest. It certainly looks small, and surprising has a pretty solid spec for such a tiny beast. The output is composite analogue, so no digital loveliness for your money, but it will cope with MPEG4, DIVX, VOB, MP3, OGG and the rest, which means you’ll be able to run just about anything through it.

You can either use the supplied cables to attach it to your TV or slot it into a USB port directly if you flat screen has one. It supports microSD storage for extra playtime fun, and even comes with a remote control. I’m not convinced that the output will be anywhere decent though from that teeny form factor. $34.82.

This USB HD media player also comes with a very intuitive user friendly menu system that makes using this HD media player a breeze. You can also use your Micro SD card with this HD media player to maximize storage space. This HD media player is constructed brilliantly with an outer aluminum casing, and comes with both RCA audio out and composite video out. This means, you can stream the audio separately to your home stereo system, while you’re watching HD quality video on your TV.

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