Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Functional Jetpack Tested by British Commercial Pilot Stuart Ross - - Capable of Flying at 100 km/h Over 30 Meters

The British commercial pilot Stuart Ross is testing a jetpack capable of flying at 100 km/h over 30 meters. Besides having developed its own device, Stuart Ross is also learning to fly a prototype that has been used successfully by other pioneers.

The British fell for the concept of the jetpack for years. The dream has cost him about $ 150,000.

Only the fuel based on hydrogen peroxide, a kind of hydrogen peroxide in high concentration, it costs the equivalent of $ 18 per second.

Stuart Ross is in love with the concept in adolescence. The idea first appeared in science fiction comics of the 1920s.

But the images were in the 1960s, the first real flight with a “jetpack” which were recorded in the imagination of a commercial pilot.

Until now, fewer people took flights with “jetpacks” stepped on the moon than Stuart Ross intends to enter into this select club next year already.

Scientists and engineers disagree regarding the exact concept of this machine. But for simplicity, let us bear in mind the basic structure of the jetpack. That is, it is a holder attached to the back of a person who has some kind of propellant fuel (can be gaseous or liquid), providing the individual with the takeoff of this equipment.

The technology is not new; jetpacks, the first prototypes have references to the 60s – not to mention the fictions created since the 20s.

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