Friday, November 5, 2010

FLEXiT Light: an ultra flexible silicone based LED lamp - - You Can Wrap, Stick or Attach to Most Surfaces to Obtain Illumination

FLEXiT is an ultra flexible silicone based LED lamp which you can wrap, stick or attach to most surfaces to obtain illumination. No Martha, illumination, not Illuminati. The unit contains 16 LEDs with three light settings (we’ll leave it to you to work out what those are) and runs from 3 AA batteries. Ooh, did we mention the magnets? $29.99.

 The FLEXiT Light is a hands free flexible LED task light. It’s ultra-thin, flexible silicone body allows an unlimited amount of light projections. The durable Shape-Loc™ frame makes it easy for users to bend, fold, wrap, stick or hook the FLEXiT around objects to position and aim the light. FLEXiT uses 16 Lumen Tech LEDs with three light functions (low, med, and high) that can be bent into positions to create a focused spot or a broad flood light.

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