Sunday, November 7, 2010

Epson Covered Car From Bugatti Veyron: The World's Most Expensive Sports Car Priced at $1.7 Million - - Displayed at The Specialty Equiment Market Association

A Bugatti Veyron has always been a status symbol for most f the affluent people. It usually is a life time ambition for fast car lover s to drive such a car. The car priced at $1.7 million is the fastest and most expensive sport car which beats all the previous records. This unique car is displayed this week at the Specialty Equiment Market Association event at Epson booth, in Los Vegas.

The high priced automobile is designed by Skinzwraps, Avery technology, and Epson printing technology. The two seater car comes with 16 cylinders, 1001 horse power engine and a top speed of 253 miles per hour.

The custom wrap was created by the Skinzwraps team using the Epson Stylus Pro GS6000 which produces vibrant, rich amazing shadows of deep black colours with smooth tones. This printer is used to design banners, vehicles wrap and big posters. The GS ink used is environmental friendly. The vinyl media is backed by the Avery’s very good quality adhesive. Thus, the durability increases with adhesive of Avery technology which is a feature of Bugatti Veyron.

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