Friday, November 5, 2010

ck3D (Calvin Klein 3D) Sunglasses: Available in Three Different Styles - - Designed for Both Male and Female Consumers

Calvin Klein, a leading name in luxury fashion clothing and accessories, it seems has now taken the 3D revolution quite seriously, as the company has partnered with Marchon3D, a division of Marchon Eyewear to announce the launch of an all new line of 3D sunglasses designed for both male and female consumers. The all new ck3D (Calvin Klein 3D) sunglasses will be available in three different styles, where in each of the glasses will be incorporated with state of the art M3D patent-pending circular-polarized lens technology, thereby enhancing the viewing experience phenomenally.

Furthermore, all these three styles will have Photocromic capability, where in the sunglasses will be able perform near instantaneous transition from indoor 3D glasses to outdoor sunglasses, keeping the consumers’ eyes safe from harmful UVA, UVB and UVC rays. The technology behind these incredible ck3D sunglasses is the M3D lens technology, that develops curved 3D lenses, certified by RealID. Also, the M3D lens enables a greater amount of image immersion and provides a thrilling and clear viewing experience.

The ck3D sunglasses will be available for purchase from the month of December this year, with a price tag of $180.

According to Claudio Gottardi (President, Marchon),
“With Marchon3D’s M3D technology and ck Calvin Klein Eyewear’s sleek, fashion-forward design, we are providing consumers the best 3D-enabled sunglass on the market. Having infused technology and fashion only raises the bar in the 3D eyewear field and Marchon is excited and proud to lead the industry.”

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