Sunday, November 7, 2010

Bloom Laptop Design: Winner of the October’s Autodesk Inventor of the Month Award - - Easy-to-Disassemble Designed by Stanford Universoty Students

October’s Autodesk Inventor of the Month award has been given to a group of graduation students from Stanford University for the Bloom laptop design. What is so special about this laptop? Well, it can be disassembled into its various components. This enables it to be recycled with ease. Many a times, the computer contains some precious items, but cannot be recycled. But recycling them becomes possible after disassembling them into smaller pieces.

Aaron Engel-Hall who was the brain behind this project said, “Buying a computer is no longer a singular investment, but a longer-term relationship between the consumer and the service provider. [We] used Autodesk Inventor software often during the ideation phase to experiment with the design. We created 3D shapes to represent the hardware we had to design around, and the parametric design of Inventor software let me put in different parameters so that all the model dimensions would update immediately.”

“ I was also able to experiment with various thicknesses for the case enclosure, making it as thin as possible while maintaining structural integrity.” With this, the ergonomics of the laptop are also increased. It also becomes easier to repair the components while the computer is still functional. Kudos!

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