Friday, November 12, 2010

Bigg Boss Season 4 - - Rahul-Aanchal Love Story Continues Out of Bigg Boss House

Last week Rahul Bhatt evicted from Bigg Boss House and revealed interesting facts about the reality show. Now only after one week of his eviction from ‘Bigg Boss 4’, his newfound love interest Aanchal Kumar too was voted out this Friday along with Ali Merchant, who came in the ‘Bigg Boss’ house for a week as a guest.

Aanchal and Rahul’s love story started a bit late in the house, but it seems the duo is willing to make a move ahead outside the 'Bigg Boss' house in absence of the cameras and inmates around.

After the elimination, Salman asked Aanchal, whom she would like to meet first after going back, and the excited Kumar took Rahul’s name even before her family and friends.

According to multiple tabloid reports, last week Rahul had confessed his likeliness for Aanchal before Sallu bhai saying he would "ask her out" as soon as she is evicted from the show.

On asking, whether he is presently dating someone or not, Rahul said in an interview, “Maybe I am and maybe I am not but once Aanchal (Kumar) is out of the house, I will ask her out. And maybe we can have coffee while walking on the treadmill!”

Great going, Rahul G!

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