Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Autonomous Robots in Field Action - - U.S Navy Planning To Develop The Robots That Might Be Seen in Action in Near Future

The world of robotics that can not only help you in your daily chores and even provide surgical medical assistance is now started to dominated by the needs of the U.S armed forces. Not long ago, U.S has disclosed its arsenal of unmanned aerial vehicles that are designed to watch and even to kill. Now, the U.S Navy has set its eyes upon a new breed of robots that, the Navy hopes to build and then use them in combat areas and threat intensive situation so as to eliminate the need to human operators for robots entirely.

According to various reports, the U.S Navy has already issued four new contracts, in an effort to turn this vision into a reality at the earliest, where the robots under the command of the U.S Navy will be able to execute orders. To make sure that its views and vision are taken seriously by the public at large, the U.S Navy has currently put on display a robot designed by the Naval Research Laboratory called, Octavia. This friendly robot is more than capable of speech, playing games with humans and this incredible robot is able to register the visual and verbal cues given out by humans. The man behind the development of Octavia, Greg Trafton, has stated that, it is too soon to tell whether or not the $200,000 Octavia robot will be suitable for bomb defusing operations in Afghanistan. The name of the robot, Octavia, is essentially a program that has been devised to assist the humans in learning how to collaborate with machines, without having to input each and every command.

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