Monday, November 15, 2010

AIO Holiday 2010 Signature Collection Laptops - - Something Special From Sony on This Holiday Season

The holiday season is coming up and everybody is busy buying gifts for their near and dear ones. I don’t know about you, but one drawback of all this gifting is that one has to decide what to give. I don’t like to give useless stuff just for the sake of giving something. So when I saw this I thought, here is something that is both useful and beautiful, perfect for gifting someone this holiday season.

Ok so I am talking about special editions of laptops brought out by Sony. Called VAIO Holiday 2010 Signature Collection laptops, they included a wide array of laptop sizes and designs keeping in mind different tastes and consumers. The one that you see above is called VAIO EA series, and is 14 inches wide, and has a black and gold Arabesque design on top. I think it looks very elegant and almost regal. Cost? $970.

Those who like smaller laptops or notebooks can check out the 8-inch VAIO P that comes with a crocodile casing in either black or pink and will be retailed for $999. That is not all. There are many other gorgeous laptops waiting to be bought. Check em all out on the Sony website.

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