Monday, January 11, 2010

Special Ops Quad Band Watch Phone - - With Touchscreen, Bluetooth, On-board MP3 And Video Player, Camera And microSD Slot

Dude, if you must wear a mobile phone on your wrist, at least wear one with a bit of style, like this Special Ops Quad Band Watch Phone. Not only is it…ooh…Ninja black, but it comes with touchscreen, Bluetooth, on-board MP3 and video player, camera and microSD slot. Woooweee! £89.56.

"The Special Ops. watchphone is also provided with a Bluetooth headset and a pair of earphones, and also includes two lithium-ion rechargeable batteries, making this a complete communication tool for use as soon as you open the box. The Special Ops. watchphone comes fully unlocked, meaning you can you use it with the network of your choice. Let’s not forget, this is still a fully functioning digital watch with time, date and day display with programmable alarms and to do lists for keeping you on schedule and in style."

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