Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Wand Television Remote Control - - Just Move The Wand and Control Your TV

From the ‘obvious and silly’ dept, comes this Wand Television Remote Control. After all, what human being doesn’t secretly harbour desires to control the world via a handy wizard’s wand, especially when times are hard, the rain’s a fallin’ and there’s no sign of a meat pie anywhere local.

According to the blurb it’s a ‘swish, whirl and flick’ to change channels, volume and stuff. The thing can learn up to 13 remote control commands, not including ‘Evanesco’ when Simon Cowell appears on the box. £49.99.

You can assign various functions to various moves: flicks to turn on and off; spins to control volume; big swishes to mute and so on. You’ll be flicking just for the fun of it. Better still, rival wizards will be unable to mess with the telly or digibox unless you show them your moves. Hocus flippin’ pocus! To add to its supernatural nature, the Wand also features a ‘heartbeat’ in the form of various pulses that confirm gesture recognition and tell you when the batteries are low. It even goes into sleep mode after 60 seconds of inactivity and ‘wakes’ when you pick it up.

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