Friday, October 9, 2009

"PARCS" Launched By Pearson Lloyd - - Unique And Stylish Furniture Collection to Redefine Your Work Space

If you had been looking for a unique piece of furniture for your home office area or office, then I suggest stop looking at all the wrong places. Pearson Lloyd has launched their new furniture collection for Bene. This PARCS furniture collection is especially designed to fulfill all your office needs. One piece in the collection that specifically caught my eye was, Toguna (above). This is a semi private meeting space that can be placed anywhere and with its design it will lend a lot of privacy when needed the most. The collection also includes causeway, which is a series of modular sofas, benches and walls and wing, which is a semi private space that can be utilized in the purposes of thinking, taking a call etc. The kind of designs and modularity will not only redefine the work space, but will also define the work space in home.

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