Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The F1 Replica Made by Clothing Material At Puma store in Carnaby Street, London - - Classic Ferrari Colour And Looks Amazingly Real

If you were looking for the most wondrous car in the world, you would definitely reach the place where a car has been made from an amazing 1,999 items which includes 1,682 t-shirts, 88 pairs of jeans, 64 pairs of shoes and 31 belts.8 people wracked their nerves and muscles in order to build the car at a Puma store in Carnaby Street, London.

The car is 14 feet long and they spent about a week experimenting with the clothing material they might require. It comes with a classic Ferrari colour and the Formula 1 replica looks amazingly real. The car is so fragile that no one can touch it or sit in it, or else it just might break up.

There have been so many visitors visiting the store that other Puma stores may also get their own cloth Ferrari Formula 1 car. It is one of the most amazing cars I have ever seen and if you would like to take a look at it yourself, head to London asap!

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