Sunday, October 4, 2009

Cable Drops - - Help You Keep Your Cables Stuck to The Table

Cable Drops in my opinion are brilliant little inventions and solve a very simple but very annoying and repetitive process of losing cables down the back of your computer desk. This small and light weight gadget allows you to keep your cables stuck to the desk and therefore you won’t have to scramble on the floor to find which cable it was you dropped.

Cable Drops are a great way for you to manage your cables efficiently and without headaches along the way. Not only are Cable Drops easy to apply but there just as easy to remove therefore you won’t leave sticky or dried on blue tack all over your desk which let’s face it it’s not a great look.

Using Cable Drops also allows you to organize your wires and leads for your iPod and mobile phone and you will always have them to hand. As you can see from the picture there small and very colourful, these will look great on anyone’s desk. If you wish to buy the Cable Drops you can now for £9.99 per pack of 6.

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